Small Faces
A blog where you'll find pictures, music, information and more about this great band formed by Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones, developed during the second half of the '60s.
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Happy Birthday, Ian McLagan!

>May 12, 1945

Title: UnknownLong Agos And Worlds Apart
Artist: UnknownSmall Faces
Album: UnknownOgdens' Nut Gone Flake
Played: 111 times

Small Faces - Long Agos And Worlds Apart (1968)

Happy Birthday, Ian!

Small Faces (with Jimmy Winston), c. 1965

Small Faces, c. 1966

We miss you, Stevie

January 30, 1947 - April 20, 1991

Title: UnknownEvery Little Bit Hurts
Artist: UnknownSmall Faces
Album: Unknown-
Played: 101 times

Small Faces - Every Little Bit Hurts (1968)

Rest in peace, Steve

Small Faces, c. 1968

Ian McLagan in the studio, c. 1967

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